Saturday, September 19, 2015

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Now the 2nd video on the link shows a true hero! Officer Jessy Kidder has shown what a hero acts like...rather than assisting in suicide by cop! Its a real bummer that long known aggressive DPD have made the graduation with the assistance of the new DA (DA USED TO BE FOR THE PROTECTION OF CITIZENRY AGAINST COP MURDERS/
#COPACIDE not protecting them) .... so when govt protects its own...then the concept of division of powers (legislative, executive and judicial) is a mute point. and poof we become yet another archaic outdated police state...if you are the wrong color or in wrong neighborhoods of course. but like will creep into your neighborhood's soon...its already happening. But you fine ppl stay silent and safe in the knowledge YOU aren't a baddie (till you or your kids their eyes) ...just like all of the non nazi Germans...

wer schweight macht mit.... you, me...we all must stand against the increasing tyranny in this country! They have decreased their reasons for 'shoot to kill' and increased their legal excuses (nice to have a personal DA who shows up to #copacide scene at 6am...before A.M.B.U.L.A.N.C.E. manages to make it...not stop the bleeding of a CHILD...rather pull her around like a dolly arguing about her gender (because POC always lie...what you gunna make ppl pull pants down to prove next?).

My posts sound passionate...angry, perhaps furious. I am not hopping around the room screaming...I am merely printing the facts and truths...the problem lies in a society who is so repulsed by truth because they must continually deny 2 holocausts (Native and African American...the fact I have to define the further proof ) and run around bleating about the greatness of this country...and yeah we have it nice for many here...because we stole it off someone else whether it be land, resources or labour. I tend not to look at genocidal thieves as magnificent or someone I aspire to be. But we have had too many generations of disnified/hollywood history that truth...raw and untampered sounds hysterical when someone writes/speaks it. and that is truly a shame (being massively kind) ....and the rot from within we are experiencing...and it is across all communities, incomes and classes. it is the malaise of sugar coated, dumbed down history as well as bigoted interpretation of current events (I've been saying it to Latinos for see my republican la raza, they are after you and yours)...hysterical lemming screeching behavior toward media produced enemies (incidentally, Mexicans and All Latin Americans have more rights to be here than you blond blue eyed folks...the original illegals...are you afraid the indigenous peoples of America will rise up and shove you onto reservations...or make you boat refugees? smh...if you do not stand up to be counted ...your children's children may just disavow you in shame as they learn true history...because it is coming. it can be stopped...but it is coming...and we deserve it! yes me too...but I am making my stand...and it isn't to support thieving monsters and their lemming underlings (who think they are gunna be elite sometime..bwaahaha stay asleep my friends cuz only way you make it up is by being a thieving, amoral scum yourself (yes if employees do the thieving for is still on your head (as 'the art of war' (favorite book of shyte for capitalists) clearly states)). you may not believe in God or consequences...but it is coming whether you believe in it or not. wouldn't it be nice to effect and affect change beforehand? why are you letting the nutbag Christians drive us to the end of days? because they are...Trump, 3x bankrupt, has the biggest ignorant mouth but Fox & strippers in suits have been leading the ignorant for far too long...and the real monsters sit back on their yachts not giving a thought to, well anyone but those who they can swindle for more profit). please folks...I don't want war... but you are participating in its creation... what happened to never again? because its not in Germany its is happening, it is happening in US (other so-called 1st world countries are there as well...but this is my country) and it is unacceptable. I find it odd how un Christian Americans are.

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