Sunday, January 22, 2012

The video description of my hanging

Hi,  My name is Robin.  I have decided to blog my journey towards regaining the real me, my health and my life.  My life was utterly upended in July 2006 when I was hung while travelling in Ecuador.  Here is my video explaining what happened to me on the train called, "The Devil's Nose".


  1. What a horrible life altering experience. You poor thing. I can't even imagine such an experience. But I do believe we are here on earth for a purpose, we just need to discover exactly what our own purpose it. Try not to get too discouraged and do know that there are others out there with ra that you can lean on for support.

  2. lol...with all of my migraines I had lost this didn't see your comment till today! Thank you Deb. Trying to keep my head up.