Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day One of the week before Rebooting

ok... so I saw this movie, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" last week.  Wow Joe Cross really made an impact on me!  I am on day 10 of excruciating Chronic pain level is reasonable (other than my stupid migraine).  I discovered today, for the 3rd month now my insurance disability payment has not gone into my bank correctly.  grrr Well I HAD to get down to the bank and remedy the negative balance.  Bloody people not understanding that disabled people depend on the nickles and dimes thrown our way!

Anyway, As I was out of bed...I figured I better take advantage of the situation... so I bought myself a new "slow" juicer (Omega Vert 350HD) for $300.  Originally $379 I used a Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon!  Bless them!  What a wonderful surprise! Then headed over to Whole Foods in Cherry Creek.  It's been years since I was in that store.  WOW!!! It has definitely improved.  I got $80 of veggies (YIKES!) to get started on this 60 day veg/fruit juice fast.

For now ...since I feel so sick, I will summarize and go back later and fill details.

Drank big very green tasting drink (well 2 tall glasses a couple of hours apart).
Ok have to stop... migraine pounding... elbow hurting like hell...and I am exhausted.

It did give me energy today... but now I hurt... sigh


  1. It takes awhile and sometimes a longer while to get the ra under control. I am suspecting though that your migraines might be from your train accident. Some have had good results with this juicing diet for ra and I hope it kick some butt for you too.

  2. :-) I did well with juicing, but got really ill as my migraines have significantly increased.