Monday, December 31, 2012

Tonight, I stand with Chief Spence. No food passes these lips.

On this eve of the 13th year into the 21st Century I weep. I weep for greed, I weep for selfishness. I weep for the backwardness we continue to live in. I weep for the ancestors, I weep for the coming generations. I weep for the oppressors. I weep for the financial industry, the oil industry, the chemical industry, etc. I weep for the media and all of its corrupt, weak, compromised, lazy, dishonest reporters. I had such hope for mankind moving into the 21st century but instead we were greeted with hatred, contempt, greed, warmongering and continuation of the ills of our forefathers. In my blood I carry slave owners and possibly slaves, I carry conquistadors, Mexican peasants and Native peoples. I carry religious zealots, nobility and Vikings. I carry the blood of the Americas. I carry the burden of them all.

On this New year's eve I remember back and I look forward...lifetimes of pain and starvation. In this world we live in today there is enough food to feed the world's population...yet tonight there are children and elders who will enter the new year hungry. There is enough medicine and health care for all yet there are ill, injured and disabled people who go without medicine or care. There are enough homes for every human on this planet, yet there are millions of people who will go to sleep this night with no shelter, while mansions which could fit a small village sit heated, but empty or near empty.

Why do we think a person in a corner office of a high-rise building is more important than the garbage collector who keeps disease from our doorsteps. Why do the people who sit in positions of power running governments think they deserve more than the teacher enlightening our children? Why does a man running around a field for a few hours deserve more than the fast food worker working 60 - 80 hrs a week that feeds his team after their celebration victory? Why does the queen of England and all of her relations drink champagne while the many peoples the world over that HER family caused to be raped, slaughtered and subjugated continue to endure the same abuses as they have for hundreds of years.

For all of the billions of people who espouse religious fervor and faith… why is it we still endure these tragedies? When will YOU PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP??? How many have to die so the top 20% can keep their multiple households or large mansions? How many people have to suffer unending pain and misery so the few can enjoy unfair advantages? What will it take for the media to stand up and be honorable again?

I am brokenhearted. I weep. I weep for all mankind. You, each individual person, participate in the perpetration of this evil…this sham. Each human being on this planet is responsible. Each person can be an agent for change. Why don’t you, each one of you, stand up for truth and right? Why do you grumble about offering help to those less fortunate than yourselves? Using the excuse of judgement or de-humanizing those less fortunate than yourselves? Why do you continue to ask for less taxes when you know very well in the depths of your soul that the needs of others are sooo much greater than your own? Why do you, the middle class, exempt yourselves from responsibility (for you are indeed part of the 20%)? Why don’t YOU stand up against bullying tactics of each of your governments (and I don’t only mean the USA)? Why do we continue to allow these corrupt greedy individuals lead us? Why do we allow a monarchy who does nothing but gestures continue to run multiple countries while doing very little REAL change for fear of losing their personal power? What is the point of a Queen or King if they do nothing but cut ribbons at ceremonies? I call for the Queen of England, UK and the commonwealth to put her crown on the line and actually do something meaningful foe once in her reign! Stand up to your leaders and take responsibility!!! Rectify the horrid error YOUR ancestor did to our peoples!

May Creator bless each human being on this planet tonight. May Creator strike you, each person, with the reality of what the real world looks like. May Spirit grace you with empathy and understanding of what is truly important. May Spirit guide you to action, selfless, compassionate action. May each of you finally understand the only thing you truly own is what you take with you upon your death. And to question yourself and motivation. Is any of it really worth the cost of your soul?

I weep tonight for my hope in mankind is lost.


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